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Big D

Monday, February 27, 2006

Awakening from Slumber

Well, I have not updated here since right before my trip out to Pasadena for a certain National Championship game some of you may have heard about it. Well, it's been back to reality since the most amazing game I may ever see in my lifetime and I've been taking a "hiatus" to hopefully recharge my batteries and come back better than ever to give you more worthless sports points and other pointless commentary.

Since I've been gone, I have been impressed by both Fraser and Hammond who are doing some damn fine work with their blogs.

Even came across Bill Bredesen who apparently is living somewhere Southeast Asia currently. Some pretty amazing stuff he is up to these days.

2006 has gotten off to a hell of start. Let's just forget that Winter Olympics thing ever happened. I actually enjoy the olympics more than the majority of the population but those things really serve no purpose.

Since this is pretty much the slowest sports time of year and I have to get this down on paper. Inevitably, one or two of these weekends will be screwed up because of some other obligation. Anyways, let's talk about upcoming weekends you might want to circle on your sports calendar. Well, if you are pathetic enough like me to schedule your other crap around important sports weekends.

March 17th Opening Round NCAA Weekend either in Vegas (go the Paris casino sportsbook) or Dallas where hopefully Texas is going to be playing its first and second round games. Either way, the St. Patty's day Greenville scene will be happening. The only weekend where it really seems cool to be "in" Dallas. Somewhat correct me if I'm wrong and the parade is actually on the 11th. Anyways, Glover and whoever else lives within driving distance, get your ass to Dallas this weekend.

March 24 The players championship and NCAA (Sweet 16 / Elite 8) games makes for a nice sports Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

April 1st and 3rd If Texas makes it to the final four in Indianapolis, i have to go. Could Texas possibly pull of the most impossible of feats and win the baseball, football, and basketball championship in succession. There is no possible way is there? I'm about to pass out thinking about if the Horns make the final four.

We certainly have talent and I'm not going to bet against us. Not ready to book my flights to Indy, but at least start looking into lodging for what would amount to a historic weekend and i'm not using hyperbole when I talk about historic and Texas trying to win the Final 4. I may really learn to like 2006 even if the Middle East is on the verge of total collapse. But i digress.

April 8th - 9th The Masters, enough said. The Rangers also end an opening weekend homestand with Detroit after Buck's boys open the season with a series with the Bo Sox. I like this Rangers team a lot and maybe it's blind optimism but I'm pumped about the Rangers this year. Hell, if Greg Davis can be a national championship coordintor and assistant coach of the year then anything's possible right. Let's just hope the Rangers compete for a playoff berth first. Baby steps...

April 29th Normally I don't need to see the NFL draft. This year is not one your normal drafts. Where do Bush, VY, and Leinart end up? Who do the Saints with their vagabond franchise (i'm sorry but new orleans is only going to have maybe 200K population post Katrina no way they can support an NFL franchise) take? Do the Texans end up with Bush? Who do the cowboys take in the first round? I would have to think Offensive line. Will the cobwboys ever take a qb somewhat high in the draft and actually try to develop a qb who didn't field grounders the prior season? Either way, the 2006 draft is must see TV.

June 9th to July 9th

World Cup in Germanyshould be extra exciting this year given the host country where all the Euros and crazies like Shane or Rylan will pack the stadiums. Interesting fact: Germany who won their only World Cup the only time they hosted back in 1974. This is almost certainly the strongest US squad ever to play in a World Cup. Unfortunately, we got put in the "Group of Death" many pundites think. Ghana is probably Africa's best team and is certainly no gimme. Italy and Czech Republic should both be classic tilts.

Either way check it out even if the games will be on at some ridiculous hours. Certainly can't be worse than the South Korea/Japan world cup when almost every game was on live during the middle of the night in the states. Fortunately for me, I was unemployed during the last world cup. Good times. No such luck this year.

June 17th and 18th
The US Open will have high rough and a fantastic last two days almost assuredly at historic Winged Foot. This course in New York is definitely on my top 10 courses in the United States. Last time a major was played at Winged Foot was the PGA where Davis Love won his first major and beat Leonard in what amounted to a 2 man race during the weekend. I hardly see anybody not named TW running away with this thing. Still hard to believe Leonard only has 1 major with all the near misses he has had throughout his career. Maybe he'll get #2 here. Okay, that jinxed it for sure.

September 9th The Ohio St. University trying to get revenge on the Longhorns this time in Austin. I will freedly admit that I have a tough time going to a North Texas / LA LA trouncing in the 100 degree afternoon heat at DKR. But when Ohio St. comes to town the year after you win the national championship, I get my ass down to Austin. Ohio St. loses a ton on defense and Santonio Holmes going pro definitely is going to at least slow Ohio St. early. Depending on our quarterback play, I see Texas getting the W. Might be the loudest DKR game atmosphere ever.

Sept. 22th - 24th Personally, my favorite sporting event and it's played every other year. The 2006 Ryder Cup at the K club in Ireland should be a very interesting one. Assuming the US team decides to play with pride. And I think they will since they have lost the last 2 cups since '99 (miraculous Justing Leonard putt against Olazabal which is the one ryder cup most casual golf fans remember). I still think the Euros will prevail where they haven't lost a cup to the Americans on European soil since 1993 at the Belfry. Either way, always awesome theater.

Nov. 24th Doesn't matter what we're ranked or what A&M is ranked, it's always fun to watch us destory A&M in person if you get the opportunity. I got to see it in 2000 when Simms made swiss cheese of the Aggy secondary. It happens almost every year now and I don't see that trend changing this year. Aggy almost certainly will have a better record this year but they probably won't be much better than .500 in conference. And those are just facts right now until proven otherwise when talking about A&M football.

Looks like an interesting '06 to be shaping up in the sports world. Now I just need to find out a good show to see. Over to Fraser's blog I go...