Big D

Big D

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Begrudgingly Back -- Time to Move On

Well, it's been awhile. I doubt anyone has been even checking this site, but because at least one person (Fraser) is giving me a boot in the ass to update this damn blog. And since at least one person cares to read this site, that's enough for me.

I always intended this blog to a be collabortion of of Cuyler, Zach, and I doing entries on a random basis. Eventually it just kind of turned into my Rangers website scattered with some Collge Football gambling advice. While this blog will continue to have a sports focus, I am going to try and give more commentary on whatever I deem necessary since apparently this has turned into my blog. And damnit I have an audience to satisfy even if it is only one person, thanks Fraser.

So if I am going to jump back into this thing, this is as good a time as any. This is a sports crossroads of sorts with the Mavs ending their long playoff run last night in pathetic fashion. When you combine the Mavs collapse and Phil's meltdown on Sunday at Winged Food, it is a good time to jump back into this blogging fray.

I am starting from scratch. While the Mavs run was fantastic for anyone associated with Dallas, the last 4 games are a bitter pill to swallow. As much as I keep telling myself that I shouldn't care so much, I realize that you can't stop being a fan of a team. And whlie the NBA is deplorable and I really didn't even watch the Mavs that much in the regular season, this loss still stings.

I know the Mavs just like all Dallas teams got a lot of people on the bandwagon when you start having success in the playoffs. All of Sudden every one you know or see is talking about the games. It's a fun experience and you like for it to happen again. And as much as you wonder where all these people were when the team stinks, It's still fun.

And for those of you who have followed the Mavs since the really bad days and you know what I'm talking about, you must be patient. Becuase as close as we came to the title this year, I'm ready to get back off the mat and get back to the Finals next year. And lucky for us, we have owner who will make sure that happens.

I've been to Reunion when 3200 people show up and the team goes 11-71.

I remember Rich Adubato, Gar Heard, and Jim Cleamons.

I am proud Brad Davis is up in the rafters -- okay I lied about that one.

The 3-Js and everything that came wiht that whole mess.

I remember when Cuban bought the team and had talked with me and a bunch of other fans up in the upper deck during a game before it was cool to be a Maverick fan.

I remember game 5 in Utah because I was there thanks to Jay's boss.

I also remember Marcus and whoever else getting doused in silly string by the Jazz Mascot. And meeting Chris Tucker in the same weekend.

Calvin Booth.

I was at game 6 against SA n the Western Conference finals and Steve Kerr ripping out our hearts.

I still miss Michael Finley and anyone who rips him should be ashamed to be a Mavericks fan because he carried this franchise on his back for 5 years.

I will always remember the Big 3 and how despite hard Don Nelson tried he would never win a title without playing any defense.

I remember all of these things most but I will not remember any of those things more vivdly than this series against the Heat.

Hearbreaking but we will be back.