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Big D

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tiger and Q-School

I have been watching PGA Tour Q-School and the pressure involved with playing that last round trying to earn your tour card has to be one of the most pressure situations in sports. The top 25 and ties after 6 rounds make it every year onto tour the remaining top finishers are relegated to the Nationwide Tour a sort of purgatory before you will ever get a chance at the Big Show again.

It's pure drama and looking around for YouTube about Q-school items, I found nothing but I did find this. Enjoy..


Some Random Sports Quick Hits

Tigers and Marlins complete a monster deal in Major League Baseball. Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera go to the Tigers for 6 minor leaguers, including super prospect Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller among others. The Tigers lineup is just going to be fierce with a potential lineup.

CF Granderson
2B Polanco
DH Sheffield
LF Cabrera
RF Ordonez
SS Renteria
1B C. Guillen
3B Inge
C Rodriguez

With a rotation of Verlander, K. Rogers, J. Bonderman, D. Willis and Nate Robertson. That's pretty salty even against the Red Sox and Yankees.

Arkansas appears to have a new football coach and it is current Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe.

Good hire by the Razorbacks if True.

The 4 Heisman finalists are Chase Daniel, Colt Brennan, Tim Teabow and Darren McFadden

I would be shocked if Teabow doesn't take home the award..

The Sports Guy is tired of Knicks fans. Like much of the NBA, yawn...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Stephen A. Smith Does Not Like Bloggers

In the hard to believe it's true department, ESPN "personality" Stephen A. Smith isn't exactly fond of bloggers on the internet.

This is amusing.

Monday, December 03, 2007


What else can you say about this 2007 college football season besides wild. I have only witnessed one other season in my lifetime even close to the one we have experienced this year. That year was 1990 with a split National Title with a one loss Colorado team that benefitted from a 5th down play against Mizzou and Georgia Tech.

Final 1990 AP POll

1 Colorado (39)

2 Georgia Tech (20)

3 Miami (FL) (1)

4 Florida State

5 Washington

6 Notre Dame

7 Michigan

8 Tennessee

9 Clemson

10 Houston

Ironically, UT finished that season #14 with a minutely close loss to Colorado early in the season and the raping that took place in Dallas losing 46-3 as the third ranked team in the country to the Hurricanes.

The time for a playoff is now becuase this 2007 season while fantastic needs a little more time to determine a champion. And it's shame that the powers that be will not acknowledge that fact. Oh well, 2008 should be even better, but the current system is broke and that is shame.

Other college football stuff currently.

Remember Dave Wannstedt? Well, you almost managed to drive the Pitt program in the ground. With an obscenely young squad, he has managed to right the ship during the season and the stunning win at West Virginia has at least bought him some job security for one more season.

Dave deserves some credit and here is an article discussing as much.

Bo Pelini will be the next head of coach of your Nebraska Cornhuskers and as a diehard UT fan, I couldn't be happier with that hire.

While the rumors are everywhere that Paul Johnson is headed elsewhere (Georgia Tech and maybe SMU or Duke - uhh, no way), he just keeps winnings games like this past Saturday against Army...

I will hopefully be updating this blog all during bowl season in what will be a finale to a chatoic year and probably fitting that I get married during this turbulent 2007 season. As we turn the page on another college football year, I have great hope for the 2008 season and beyond and realize that no sport will ever quite capture the imagination of this sports culture other than college football for its impact on all of our lives.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Erin Andrews

So I've been bad during this college football season about updating this blog. Hopefully, I will do better going forward and hope to update more.

I have been preparing for the upcoming weekend and end to the season with great interest. It has been probably the wildest regular season since 1990 when Colorado and Georgia Tech ended up splitting the national title. This year has had a ton of surprises which has made for some great drama.

The national championship is very much for grabs and it should be a fantastic end to November and bowl season.

Here is a favorite topic of mine when it comes to college football season. Apparently Erin Andrews is a little scared of the blog community and the people who post You Tube clips over on the internet. In order to investigate this issue further, I had to go and find a You Tube clip to put up of Erin just to see what's out there.
Erin's Ass

Here is a tribute to Erin..

Erin does the Wabash Cannonball

Colt Brennan gets destroyed by a Fresno St. Defender

I don't see Texas setting up a home and away with Hawaii anytime soon. Check out the reports from Fresno fans about their experience at game on against Hawaii.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

9/15 Picks

My last picks before my wedding next week and honeymoon in Italy/France.

Somebody keep the seat warm while I'm out of the country:

@UNC -3 over UVA -- Medium. I tend to have a good gauge when mediocre teams like these get together early in ACC play. Basically 2 programs going in opposite directions and I'll take the ome team.

Cincy -7 over Miami (OH) -- I love that judo champion Safety on Cincy and I like any team Brian Kelly coaches. This is supposedly some kind of rivalry but I see a better coach and better talent and see a road team covering. Small Play

@Michigan St.-11 over Pitt -- On theme of good coaches, MSU's coach left Cincy and brings a completely different attitude to a team with plenty of talent. Dave Mustache has recruited well at Pitt but this team is already severely banged up for so early in the season. Would be a big play at -8, but a medium play at -11.

@washington +4 over Ohio St. When Tyrone Willingham gets a team rolling, they have a tendency to have good things happen to them. Husky stadium may be one of the most underrated indimidating places to play, and I expect this place to be rocking. With USC and UCLA looming, why not beat OHio St. before those titanic clashes. I see the picture shaking already with Ohio st. deep in their own territory. Small play

@kentucky +6.5 / over 77 -- I said before the total came out that anything 70 or below needed to be pounded. We got 77, but I still don't think that is enough for these two offenses. Neither of these teams have much on D and plenty on O. Over 77 Big Play / Kentucky +6.5 Medium Play SC -9.5 over Nebraska I don't buy into Callahan at Nebraska. Until they win a game like this, I won't believe in the big 12 north or nebraska. USC is rested and hungry to play anybody in lincoln or baghdad. Medium PLay

@UNLV +17 over Hawaii I can't believe the people in Vegas threw out this number. UNLV just takes a very good Wisconsin almost to the gun and then we are supposed to believe Colt Brennan and his Hawaii offensive juggernaut are going to walk in and score 70. I don't buy and the +17 is an embarrassment to the UNLV program that is starting to show signs of life. Medium PLay

Few more to take a look at tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Let's talk College Football

Okay, I love the rest of the sports season. I really do. There is always something going on that at least keeps me somewhat interested. I am a huge golf fan, love professional baseball (born in St. Louis), enjoy college basketball for the most part, and even will follow a little hockey here and there. But nothing gets me going like college football season.

Maybe it's because I'm getting married in less than 2 weeks that has me pondering my place in life. Whatever it is, I am starting to realize that sports doesn't need to encompass my life. If I was single, sure, I would probably be on a fast track to a Bill Simmons like obsession with sports. But thankfully, I found a woman who has given me perspective in my life. Anyways, enough with the rant. Let's talk college football. And with the major league baseball playoffs starting in early october, it doesn't get much better than this time of year. So much promise for so many teams right now in college football and some teams are facing the realization this may be a very long year.

Onto some analysis for Week 3's games:

@Air Force +8.5 over TCU

I like TCU, I do. Even if my fiance went to SMU and for some reason hates TCU with every bone in her body, I like what Gary Patterson has done with the horned frogs. He and his staff know how to play against the option, but I think Air Force is implementing some new stuff with a new head coach successing the legendary Fisher Deberry. Either way, TCU has to be on an emotional down after a heartbreaking loss in Austin after running out to a halftime lead. While they are still wondering what could have been, Air Force handled an injured Utah bunch. I think Air Force has enough firepower to stick with TCU, and I certainly feel like the number is possible if not an outright win.

Air Force Medium play

More to come later in the week

Monday, September 03, 2007

Greatest Upset in College Football History?

What a way to start the college football season. Mighty Michigan lost to a 1-AA team (I refuse to acknowledge whatever nomenclature the NCAA is using to describe the other divisions in college football now) at home in front of 109 thousand people. In what can easily be described as one of the biggest upsets in college football history (no I-A ranked team has ever lost to a 1-AA foe), Appalachian St. took out #5 Michigan 34-32. You expect wild things to happen in college football but nothing approaching this level of craziness. Whatever you think about Appy St. as two time defending national champions in 1 AA football, it still doesn't excuse the embarrassment the Michigan program is going to feel from this lose for years to come. Lloyd Carr's days in Ann Arbor could be numbered...

Texas doesn't look all that better than Michigan in a 21-13 Home win over lowly Arkansas St.

More to come on the first weekend in college football...

If Darren McFadden isn't the most exciting player in college football, than Desean Jackson is. Check out some of his fine work in Cal's convincing 45-31 win over Tennessee...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rangers Make History and College Football 7 days away

You know the 2007 Texas Rangers season has been very forgettable. Hell, the last 10 years with the exception of the somewhat optimistic 2004 season have been downright embarrassing if you are real Texas Rangers fan, all 250 in the Metroplex. Well, yesterday evening in the first game of an otherwise meaningless doubleheader between the Orioles and Rangers was salvation for Rangers fans.

After spotting the Orioles 3-0 lead,the Rangers scored 30 unanswered runs and ended up winning 30-3 which was a modern MLB record for runs in a game by one team since 1897. Let that digest for a minute. That is a 110 years worth of major league baseball and it has never happened before.


And oh yea, college football is 7 days away so the Rangers will be an afterthought again in about oh 2 days. But there is hope for the future when cheering Texas Rangers baseball and last night proved it.

Texas wins National Championship in Merchandising

The University of Florida may have won both the football and men's basketball national championships last season, but when it came to selling merchandise, the Gators could finish no better than third behind the No.1-ranked University of Texas.

For the second straight year, Texas topped the Collegiate Licensing Company's clients in collecting royalties. Notre Dame placed second, followed by Florida, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Penn State.

Notre Dame Freshman sing (or attempt) to Fans

Speaking of the bitter TX-Ou rivalry...

An Oklahoma City man has been charged with aggravated assault and battery, accused of causing extensive damage to another man's scrotum just because he wore a University of Texas shirt into a local bar.

God, I love Sooner fans.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rangers Overhaul

I follow Minor League Baseball. I'm not afraid to admit it . Sure, baseball may be a dying sport in much of the country, but baseball is still King in the Northeast which I found out during my trip up to Boston this past weekend. While many people don't care about the Rangers, I will continue to root for them and today the Rangers front office gave this Rangers fan hope.

Adam Morris of Lone Star Ball recaps the prospects coming to Arlington.

Below is Fort Worth Star Telegram's recap on the return for Teixeira

The Rangers announced Tuesday afternoon that have completed the most talked-about deal of this year’s deadline trades, sending first baseman Mark Teixeira and left-handed reliever Ron Mahay to the Braves for catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia and four prospects.

That deal was completed after medical records were reviewed. In addition to Braves shortstop Elvis Andrus and pitchers Matt Harrison and Neftali Feliz, the Rangers also got left-handed reliever Beau Jones, who is 5-0 with a 2.96 ERA and 46 strikeouts in 48 2/3 innings for the Class-A Rome Braves.

Saltalamacchia, 22, was ranked as the Braves’ top prospect by Baseball America before the season. Andrus, a 19-year-old Class-A shortstop was ranked Atlanta’s No. 2 prospect and Harrison, a 22-year-old Double-A lefty, was No. 3. Feliz, a 19-year-old right-hander from the Dominican Republic, is still in rookie ball.

Saltalamacchia is expected to join the Rangers in Cleveland for their three-game series starting tonight. A switch hitter, Saltalamacchia made his major-league debut on May 2 and hit .284 with four home runs and 12 RBI for the Braves this season. He caught in 25 games, played first in 14 games and was the designated hitter in two games.

Teixeira, 27, was selected fifth overall in the 2001 draft by Texas and reached the majors two years later. He quickly became one of the Rangers’ most consistent and productive players, hitting .283 with 153 home runs and 499 RBI and playing in a club-record 507 consecutive games. Teixeira also won two Gold Gloves with the Rangers.

Not shockingly, news came out that Teixeira and his devil agent Scott Boras didn't even sniff at the 8 year and 140 million dollar extension that Tom Hicks offered.

Teixeira's wife is from Atlanta and Teixeira played college baseball at Georgia Tech. He had no intentions of resigning after the 2008 season with the Rangers, and it was nice to see the Rangers get such a nice return for a guy I am glad to see get out of town.

John Sickels lists the top 20 Braves prospects entering this season

The Rangers picked up #2, #3, #4, and #13 along with a reliever from a list of prospects in what is perennially one of the best farm systems in baseball Jon Daniels hit a home run on this deal.

The return was not as sweet for Eric Gagne and they gave up the closer who would yield two additional draft picks at the end of the season if a he signed elsewhere for 3 Boston prospects one of which seems like a good pickup if he stays healthy.

Kason Gabbard, a lefty starter who was pushing Jon Lester for the 5th spot in Boston's rotation once Curt Schilling returned from injury. David Murphy was #14 on Sickels preseason list and should at least be a solid centerfielder platton option down the road. Big upside potential in Engel Beltre who has a upside as a top Dominican prospect in the much hyped Sox minor league system.

Overall, a hell of a day to be a Rangers fan in what all of sudden looks like a team with some direction and potential.

Kevin Garnett escapes Minnesota and is headed to Boston

David Beckham is still injured and will have to wait to see the wonderful DFW wonderland of Frisco which should blow his English mind. There's always next time Becks.

A Young Beckham with a miracle for Manchester United.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Skip Prosser

Wake Forest coach Skip Prosser died suddenly this week of a heart attack at Age 56. While the Wake Forest basketball team has had a rough couple of seasons of late, Skip was a solid coach and an even better guy from the people who knew him.

Tragic story...

Simpsons and College Football

Because the Simpsons movie happens to be coming out today and I came across this link a few days ago, it seems appropriate that I pass it along.

This link compares a number of different college football teams with Simpsons characters. I haven't really watched the Simpsons regularly in 5 years or so, but the show is still greatness and I'm sure the movie will be hilarious. Anyways, check out the link below.

Simpsons meets College Football

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rangers Tradeable Commodities

Ron Washington's first year in Texas has not exactly been a smashing success. But Washington slowly has let his philosophy to sink in with the players. Despite injuries to Hank Blalock and Ian Kinsler for much of the season, the team has done nothing but improve after an abysmal April and May. Since early June, the Rangers have had much better pitching and the offense has come around thanks to Michael Young coming around a little bit and contributions from guys like Marlon Byrd and Kenny Lofton.

Still more than 10 games under .500, the Rangers need to think towards the future and their first priority should be figuring out what they have 2008. And that includes calling up Jason Botts to DH and letting Sammy Sosa go. Mark Teixeira is going to be a Free Agent at the end of the 2008 season, and there is a 0% chance he resigns with the Rangers. With that being said, here are the top 5 players that the Rangers need to try and deal before the trade deadline and will get something of value in return.

1) Mark Teixeria 1B -- Teixeira is the best play being talked about in trade talks and many teams have been mentioned as possible trade partners. The Braves and Dodgers appear to be the best fit both from a need standpoint and prospects that both organizations have to offer in their farm system. The Braves have mentioned Jared Salamtacchia and a minor league pitcher, and the dodgers have mentioned sweet swinging James Loney (hitting over .340 this year since being called up) and possibly another minor leaguer. GM Jon Daniels must do something, becuase the longer Teixeira stays with the team, the less value he command in a trade.

2) Kenny Lofton CF -- Not many of the contenders need a reliable center fielder but the Indians could some offense and the Red Sox are not completely locked down in Center Field. If the Ranges could deal Teixeira and Lofton to the Red Sox for Jon Lester, Jacoby Ellsbury, and possibly another minor leaguer (No way they could get Clay Buchholz?), you would have to do that deal from a Rangers standpoint.

3) Eric Gagne RP -- From everything I hear, the Rangers are going to try and lock Gagne up for a few more years which would be a very wise move. Gagne is still one of the most dominant closers in baseball and will be as long as he is healthy. But if you are the Rangers, you have to at least listen to offers from contenders.

4) Joquin Benoit / Ron Mahay (Middle Relievers) -- Benoit could get you possibly a legitimater starter prospect in return and Mahay probably a little less. Still worth talking about with teams.

5) Sammy Sosa -- Maybe an American League team could use a guy who can crush lefties. Proably not, but you can dream. Because right now, Sosa is doing nothing but pad his own career numbers and keep Botts from getting meaningful At bats.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I'm getting married September 22nd, and I plan on putting a little more effort into this blog in the next couple months and even moreso after September 22nd. Thanks to Bob Sturm at the Ticket and his generous link, my blog has become relevant again. And since many people viewing this site for the first time may be wondering what the hell is this site is all about. Well, it's a blog that is DFW Sports focused with college football and golf coverage. But you will also read plenty of other stuff, and hopefully decide to come back to the site. With that out of the way, onto stuff happening in this little sports world of ours...

Sergio Craps the Bed

I'm a big golf fan. This is no secret to people who know me. Well, this week's British Open featured the highest of high drams thanks to a European duel between Padraig (Paddy) Harrington and Sergio Garcia all the way to a playoff. But Carnoustie ended up winning once again. Thanks to a double bogey by Harrington on 18 which almost had a Van De Velve esque feel to it and Sergio missing about an 8 footer that would have won it for him. Sergio crtics are only going to get louder but at least Europe has its first major since 1999 (Paul Lawrie at Carnoustie was the last to do it). Olazabal is the last European major winner not held at Carnoustie and that happened at the Masters in 1999. The Europeans can still whip the Americans at the Ryder Cup though.

This is what 45,000 high school fans look like in a flashback to last year's epic battle between Euless Trinity and Southlake Carroll..

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Texas Longhorns Locker Room After Rose Bowl win over USC

This is good stuff

Mack's Speech

Thanks to Cuyler for the heads up

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Who's Lou Brown?

From my favorite baseball movie and there are plenty of good ones to choose from.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I'm very happy for Sammy Sosa and I'm glad he got the drama of hitting his 600th home run over with, because the Rangers need to continue their miserable season and finish yet another season in last place.

I'm almost ashamed to wear Rangers gear in public so for now I'll root for the Red Sox to beat New York, and anyone but Anaheim in the AL.

The Ranger Organization is an embarrassment. This is great....

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Josh Lewin and the Pathetic Rangers

The Texas Rangers are a terrible baseball team and maybe even a worse organization. I'm tired of sugar coating the fact this this team has not done anything of significance at any point since the team's last division title in 1999. There is also no reason to think that this team's fortune is going to change anytime soon with the Angels and A's looking to dominate this division for years to come.

There is no hope in the farm system unless Eric Hurley and Blake Beaven become John Smoltz and Greg Maddux. This organization really fucking sucks, but I will continue to root for these douchebags because at some point it's going to turn around. It might be 5 years and it might be 20 years down the road, but it will happen. And it will be sweet...

Josh Lewin announced teams have been downright pitiful during his broadcast career. It really is laughable, but take a look the team Josh has to announce ALL season long. Lucky for him, the guy is talented and gets to announce games for Fox and the playoffs. Because this team is sickening to watch. It's official...


1995 Orioles

1997 Cubs

1998-2001 Detroit Tigers

2002-Present Texas Rangers

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

David Brent

Maybe the greatest scene in Office history and I'm talking about the BBC version...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Big D gets Super Bowl

Thanks to the new Stadium in Arlington, DFW was awarded the 2011 Super Bowl today.

What a great thing for the area, but no way will Arlington be able to pull this off by themselves. Let's hope this area steps up to the plate and puts on a good show. The city might never recover if we screw this one up. Okay, I'm already getting fired up.

Don't look now but the Rangers have actually played a few good games. This team may not be completely dead yet..

From the Newberg Report:

Fourteen runs in each of the last two games, the fourth time in franchise history that the offense has managed that level of output in back-to-back games. It was the first time in five years.

Speaking of Tom Hicks owned teams, Liverpool plays tomorrow in the UEFA Champions League Final against AC Milan.

UEFA Champions League Final.

Tom is hosting a watching party tomorrow after at Victory Park.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Former Rangers and Mavs

As the Rangers begin a most likely depressing road trip against Cleveland and Toronto, I begin to wonder why I ever had faith in this team since 2000. Other than the fluke 2004 season, this group of players has never performed better than expectations and there is really no reason to think this season will be much different.

Just take a peak at what former Rangers are up to based on the value of what they would have meant to this team.

1) Travis Hafner - 29 years old - DH .381 Batting Average / .494 On Base Percentage / .651 Slugging Percentage

This guys is really freaking good and probably the best hitter in the American League not named Alex Rodriguez. The ideal DH and John Hart let him go for a bag of baseballs and Einar Diaz. Easily the biggest personnel mistake by the Rangers in the last 5 years.

2) Chris Young - 28 years old - SP 2 Wins / 3.32 ERA / 1.43 WHIP / .250 Batting Average Against

Young is a perfect example of the Rangers developing or finding pitching and then letting that prospect go for unknown reason. In this instance, Young apparently was going to wear down in the Texas heat even though the guy wen to high school at Highland Park. Young appears to be one of the better young pitchers in the National League. While he does pitch in a very pitcher friendly park at Petco, Chris Young is immensely talented and the Rangers squandered a very good pitcher. Getting Otsuka in return was nice, but Eaton was a bust for the Rangers and Jon Daniels will rue the day he made this trade

3) Adrian Gonzalez - 24 years old - 1B - .329 AVG / .389 OBP / .600 Slugging Percentage

Giving up Chris Young was painful, but Adrian Gonzalez is rubbing salt in the Rangers wounds. Instead of playing chicken with Mark Teixeira and his devil agent Scott Boras, the Rangers could be looking at Gonzalez at the Ballpark until after 2010 at minimal cost. You think Jon Daniels' spreadsheets would have shown giving away a #1 overall pick with Gonzalez resume was a bad move. What a pity...

4) Francisco Cordero - 31 years old - Relief Pitcher - 9.2 IP / 0.00 ERA / .86 WHIP / .069 Batting Average Against

Another guy who for whatever reason the Rangers management lost favor with and ended up shipping to Milwaukee for Carlos Lee (bye bye in Free Agency) and Nelly Cruz who is a servicable outfield but not much more. Instead of shipping Young and Gonzalez away for basically Otsuka, the Rangers could still have Coco as their closer. Oh well.

5) John Danks - 22 Years Old - Starting Pitcher 5.06 ERA / 1.44 WHIP / .266 Batting Average Against

Danks is only the first lefthanded pitcher in a million years to be drafted by the Rangers and actually look like a legitimate prospect. And what does wonder kid Jon Daniels do, trades him into the White Sox for what is looking like a pretty mediocre player, Brandon McCarthy. Still a long way to go before this trade is declared a bust, but I don't like the first returns.

Here is what the Rangers team could look like if a competent management team was up in the front office the last 5 years:

Leadoff - Kenny Lofton - Center Field would still be an issue to address

2nd - Mike Young - Shortstop - Young is still a solid player to build around but #2 is his real place in a lineup

3rd - Adrian Gonzalez - 1st Base - Gonzalez is cheaper and under contract longer than Teix and Tex should have been moved when he fetched better value. Now the Rangers are going to let Teixeira in free agency.

4th - Travis Hafner - DH - This guy would be putting up astronomical numbers in a Ranger uniform at the Ballpark

5th - Hank Blalock - 3b - Still young and could turn out to be a pretty good prospect.

6th - Ian Kinsler - 2B - Kinsler is a legit all star candidate and should be for the next few years. Needs to work on his fielding.

That's a nucleus to build around...

And your rotation could look something as follows:

Millwood, Padilla, Loe, Tejeda, and Danks

With Cordero, Benoit, and Frankie Francisco anchoring your bullpen.

That's a team I could root for.

Oh yea, Go MAVS!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I know NHL hockey gets ratings right below Women's Golf - LPGA and right ahead of Women's WNBA. But if you are a huge DFW sports geek like myself, you are living and dying with this Stars playoff team. Maybe it's because my Grandpa was such a big hockey fan growing up that I just can't let it go or maybe I remember the Reunion magic the team had back in the Hitchcock era and the 1999 Stanley Cup. But I get fired up when the Stars make a deep playoff run and this team has a chance to at least get past the first round thanks to a 2 - 0 win in Dallas last night over the Canucks.

You can bet your Ass that Game 7 tomorrow night in Vancouver is going to be electric...

Bob Sturm of the ticket knows a lot more abou this stuff than me so check out his stuff on Game 6:

I still think MLS has a good chance to pass NHL hockey because hockey just translates over to TV well and soccer is such a global game.

Only time will tell...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

NBA Playoff Preview

I know Bill Simmons is an NBA guy but his Boston bias is sometimes too much to handle.

Here is his recap of the NBA MVP award and he is so disgusted by this season that he gave the MVP award to the Fans. Pretty gay if you ask me instead of giving Dirk his just due for a 69 Win Maverick team.

A matchup with Don Nelson's Golden State warriors scares me in the first round.

Dallas vs. Golden State

Game 1 - Sun April 22 Golden State at Dallas 8:30PM TNT
Game 2 - Wed April 25 Golden State at Dallas 8:30PM TNT
Game 3 - Fri April 27 Dallas at Golden State 9:30PM ESPN
Game 4 - Sun April 29 Dallas at Golden State 9:00PM TNT
Game 5 * Tue May 1 Golden State at Dallas TBD
Game 6 * Thu May 3 Dallas at Golden State TBD
Game 7 * Sat May 5 Golden State at Dallas TNT

Here is Part II of Simmons Preview

I agree with Simmons on one thing. The NBA pretty much sucked this year especially the Eastern Conference. I just hope the Mavs are holding up the NBA trophy when it's over. I watched probably 5 games all year on TV (Sarah is not exactly a huge NBA fan and I'm partial to college hoops myself), but playoff time is here. Let's get it on!!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rangers, Gators, and Plenty of YouTube Fun

If life was a video game, then I would hit reset on the Rangers 2007 season right about now. 3 days in Anaheim and a quick 3 game sweep where the Rangers led for a grand total of 0 innings.

Some bad things from the 0-3 Start (where to start?)

Sammy Sosa looks like the washed up slugger we knew were getting...

We have the oldest and most unathletic outfield in baseball with Kenny Lofton in center who has limited range, Sosa and Nelly Cruz probably manning right. At least Nelly is at least an average fielder. Sosa needs a walker practically out in right. This is no longer 2002. Frank Catalanatto is barely adequate in left and Wilkerson who used to be a pretty good outfielder is a shell of his former self. It's not a good situation for the Rangers in the outfield.

Pitching looks decent but certainly not anything to get overly excited about. The Bullpen should be pretty good and the starters need to step up because this offense and fielding is going to be subpar all year.

And don't expect any prospects to help alleviate the outfield problem unless Jason Botts or Victor Diaz suddenly become major league contributors. It's not a pretty situationi in Arlington right now.

Florida has been setting history in college ahtletics with its back to back NCAA basketball titles and Football championship this past season for Urban Meyer..

The NCAA touranment was good during Sweet 16 and Final 8 but the final four and first rounds were pretty lackluster. My favorite part about Monday Night's final
was the awkward celebration with Jim Nantz, Billy Packer, and the Florida team. The producers didn't even have the heart to have Billy Packer ask a question during this meltdown..

Speaking of Billy Packer. He is one of the biggest douchebags in Sports and takes himself way too seriously which has been evidenced countless times. This one might take the cake for ole Billy..

If you haven't seent his clip of Eddie Griffin crashing a $1.2M Ferrari, then you haven't been on the internet much lately.

I always loved Eddie's work in Deuce Biggelow.

Masters Pool for the Ages:

Monday, March 26, 2007

My Bracket is Busted; Hoyas; Opening Day Fast Approaching

I always take lower seeds in the tournament because I hate chalk in brackets. Now to the layman, chalk means taking the higher seed in every game. Any monkey can fill out a bracket but it takes nuance and second guessing and handwringing if you watch as much college basketball as I have in my life. I remember where I was during tournament in past years dating back to my childhood. Well, chalk reigned supreme during the first 2 rounds despite a few upsets. But with chalk advancing, the matchups get really good as the tournament progresses.

This theory proved to be proven throughout the weekend. I don't know what it is about the NCAA tournament that gets me every year. Every year I watch ridiculous amounts of basketball, even more than the Sports Guy who has no real job. I watch Missouri Valley games on ESPN U and follow the Colonial Athletic conferences and MEAC conferences just because... I'm a sick, sick college basketball fan and when the satellite via DirecTv made college basketball games available with multiple games every night it just feeds that addicition.

If I was single, I would definitely have ordered the Full Court package and probably be betting every single night on college hoops. Thank god I found Sarah because would be watching this stuff around the clock. And every year. I mean ever year the Tournament gets me frustrated because my bracket is busted and some secretary in Marketing is winning the office pool. Oh well, it was some unbelievable basketball this weekend starting with the sweet 16 games and ending with the same great Regional Final matchups. Some of the best college basketball I can remember can from all angles. Let's summarize...

In the sweet 16 games on Thursday night, the West regional had two fantastic games as Kansas outlasted the Salukis in a dangerous game for the Jayhawks. The MVC is one of the most underrated conferences in college basketball and SIU played hard nosed defense and rebounding well against the athletic Jayhawk bunch. In the end, Jayhawks proved to be too much winning 61-58 but Kansas looked very vulnerable.

The late game outwest (most people were asleep by the one this one was deep), UCLA and coach Ben HOwland faced his old team in a very game Pittsburgh squad who had a great season in the Big EAst. UCLA was impressive throughout and the defensive ability of UCLA was very evident this game. In a pretty convincing win this Bruin team looked impressive and motivated to end their run of mediocrity. 64-55 was the final.

The other regional in the South included two games that came to the very end.

I was torn in the opener between Texas A&M and Memphis. Acie Law had a timely missed layup with under a minute to go that would have been an unblievable play with the Aggies up one but it cost them dearly. Memphis had three crucial offensive rebounds and finally got fouled on the play. 65-64 was the final after two free throws put Memphis ahead and A&M couldn't get a meaningful shot with 2.0 seconds left. This game showed the Big 12 may have been a little overrated because Memphis really had plenty of weaknesses. And all the Aggie faithful left the Alamodome wanting so much more...

Ohio St. won a miracle game against Tennessee. Down some ridiuclous amount in the first half after they failed to show up for the First Half, the Buckeyes imposed their will and found a way to scratch their way into the game. But Tennessee refused to die behind a powerful backcourt that just kept shooting threes. The Buckeyes were up 1 and Tennessee had a shot to win the game. In what will be one of the most famous play of the season Greg Oden helped his high school teammate Mike Conley Jr. and get a block to win a nailbiter for the Buckeyes

And if you thought the good basketball was over, wait until the Saturday and Sunday..


Florida got a real scare from all the white boys from Butler but in the end the Gators won going away 65-57.

Oregon pretty much manhandled UNLV but the score got close at the end. I should know because I had UNLV +3.5 and they lost by 4. DOH!


If you thought Friday night's games were not any good, then you didn't see the Eastern Regions games. USC looked to have UNC almost dead and buriend and then just lost their energy and couldn't hit ANYTHING. I mean ANYTHING. UNC went on an 18 - 0 Run USC just couldn't do anything but watch UNC run past them. I had USC +7.5 and UNC won by 10. It was a painful Friday night.

Vandy and Georgetown played an absolute epic. By the way, when to VAndy get respectable. I swear I've been watching Football and basketball the last 10 years but where did this come from? Vandy has always been a cover matching football but wow.

Whatever you think about Vandy, they played Georgetown basically even which is a pretty unbelievable feat with Jeff King's off balanced shot to send the Hoyas to the regional final.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Down Time; More Random Videos

The sports calendar during the super bowl and opening day in baseball is where I need to take a break. I used to not take breaks following sports pre-Sarah, but when a woman enters your life, your priorities tend to change. I wish I could watch every college basketball game and every golf tournament. Thank god for Tivo because without tivo to catch up on the miss sports I would probably be single.

While the Daytona 500 (who cares I don't care if it was the greatest finish in the history of auto racing I can't act interested) and NBA All Star game (snoozer) happened this weekend, I really didn't miss much. Although Chuckie Howell beating Mickelson in a 3 hole playoff at the Nissan Open definitely was the one thing I really didn't want to miss. Oh well, the NCAAs are fast approaching so it's not like the sports doldrums will last long.

Here's a few links for you to enjoy:

Texas squeaks by Baylor in Waco on Saturday night 68-67 and very easily could have lost . Oh yea Durant had 34. He's reallllllllll good.

Big games at Tech (tuesday) and at OU (Saturday) will go a long way to determining where Texas will be come tournament time.

Mark and Cuyler should appreciate this:

Terje's First Descent

Vince Young winning the Rose Bowl and the reaction as fans watched at Alamo Draft House:

Pretty amazing stuff even now. Almost as cool as being inside the stadium and the only two people in orange in a sea or USC colors in the middle of the USC alum section as Vince Young scored into our end zone. I very easily would have been beaten into a pulp by numerous people if I hadn't been with Sarah as I tackled her on this score...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lou Holtz Circa 1986

While I may be a graduate of Texas, I grew up a Notre Dame fan thanks to my Dad. Despite some down years growing up, Notre Dame returned to their former glory when they hired a coaching veteran by the name of Lou Holtz who previously had success and Minnesota and Arkansas.

The year was 1986 and Lou Holtz is fired up. This speech was just before Lou was about to make his debut as Notre Dame's coach against Michigan. The next day, his Fighting Irish rolled up 455 rushing yards and 27 first downs against the No. 3 Wolverines, but lost, 24-23.


Monday, February 05, 2007


Cuyler and Dave certainly remember Aaron Baddeley from his ridiculous MacGregor commericials. I know I was giddy at the result of this week's FBR Open in Zach's hometown of Scottsdale.

Aaron Baddeley capitalized on a collapse by leader Jeff Quinney. But give Badds credit, he birdied 15 through 17 and shot back to back 64s to earn his 1.08 Million dollar winning paycheck.

Check out the Badds cheer squad from yesterday including his new wife

Look out Tiger, here comes Badds!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bruce Pearl

I'm not sure if this stunt is cool or just flat out crazy. I will go with the latter.

Tennessee Coach Bruce Pearl goes topless for the Lady Vols game against Duke in Knoxville.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Texas NCAA Resume

So it's almost February and unlike recent years, this Texas basketball team is not yet a guarantee for the field of 65 in March. At 13-5 and a 3-1 conference record, Texas needs to win some road conference games if it wants to make the NCAA field.

While the Horns have been strong at home (undefeated in 10 games so far), the team has been mediocre on the road and neutral floors.

I still like their chances as Durant and this young team will continue to improve. But I still have a right to be nervous given the lower RPI Ranking currently held by the Horns (#56 RPI)

Let's take a look at the team's resume so far:

Big Wins

LSU (Neutral Floor in Houston) - After watching this game, I have doubts about this LSU squad. None the less, this was a super young Texas team over a much more experienced and talented team. LSU relied on the 3 way too much and it bit them as the Horns won a squeaker 80-76.

Arkansas - Great home win for the Horns in a great atmosphere against a tourney team from last season and a team that will make the Tourney again this year. Probably the best performance of the year so far.

Oklahoma - If the Arkansas win wasn't the biggest win so far, this game was. Durant dominated in this one and the Horns rolled over a younger OU squad coached by Jeff Capel 80-69 but it was a much more impressive win than the final score.

Okay Losses

Michigan St. - This game was very early and the Horns showed pretty well in Madison Square Garden lsoing a tight one 61-63.

Tennessee - This game really could come back to bite the Longhorns if they do end up on the bubble. Texas was up most of the game and lost a lead late and the game went into overtime. Two overtimes later, the Horns lost a game in a very hostile enviornment under Bruce Pearl 105-111. In an unrelated sidenote, I was christmas shopping with my fiance during this game at NorthPark Mall in Dallas. I followed overtime and double overtime sitting in the mall waiting for Sarah to finish shopping. Unbelievable and excruciatingnly painful loss for many reasons. Oh yea, I had Texas +5.5 in this one as well. Just shoot me.

Okahoma St. - Best game of the year period. This game had an electric pace that usually is reserved for games in late March. Both teams played their hearts out at the game ended up going 3 Overtimes. I fought to stay awake to the end of this one (yes I'm old). Durant had 37 and the Horns ended up losing on a crazy 3 pointer by Oklahoma St. bigman Boggan who had a career game of his own. Final Score (105-103).

Bad Losses

Gonzaga - I was in Phoenix during the game for Brian Defee's wedding, but I'm really glad I didn't go see the Horns get embarrassed by the Zags 77-87 but the it was much worse.

Villanova - The Horns really needed this one but it just didn't happen. Durant looked tired coming off a rought roadtrip following the Okie St. thriller. The Horns could have had this one but relied on the 3 pointer too much (as Rylan agonized while we were watching this one). 69-76 is the final.

Remaining Schedule:

Home Games
Kansas St.
Iowa St.
Oklahoma St.
Texas Tech
Texas A&M

Road Games
Texas Tech
Texas A&M

Current RPI Rankings

ESPN Takes a Look at how the NCAA Field is Shaping Up

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

College Hoops Baby -- 3 Overtime Thriller

Is it possible to feel good about a loss?

If there ever was time, last night's barnburner in Stillwater provided that opportunity.

Texas and Oklahoma St. exchanged punches for all of a regulation and 3 Overtimes like a couple of heavyweight fighters until Oklahoma St. pulled out the victory on a desperation 3 with time winding down in the third overtime.

The legend of Kevin Durant continues to grow with every game as he had another monster peformance for the Longhorns.

Mark your calendars. These two teams play again in Austin, February 12th

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beckham Signs with LA Galaxy

DAvid Beckham is leaving Real Madrid to join the LA Galaxy.

His contract is a 5 year deal for which will most likely earn him over 100 Million Dollars and could net him up to $250 Million. According to the Post article

is a highly complex agreement that is tied to marketing projects and will also compensate him through league initiatives after his playing career is over.

I don't know if the whole MLS is worth 250 million dollars, but Victoria Beckham is going to make trips out to Frisco to see FC DAllas a hell of a lot more enjoyable.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Said It's Great to be a Florida Gator

Well, that was pretty unexpected wasn't it?

All bowl season I was leaning to Florida +7.5 and the +240 Moneyline seemed to be a logical choice. I made plenty of money a couple years ago on LSU in a similar situation against the "greatest team of all time" Oklahoma Sooners.

Texas was a 7 point dog against SC last year and look what happened in that game.

But for some reason I got gunshy on gameday and was happy to take my profits from this bowl season. Pretty dumb decision in hindisght, because the Gators spotted the Buckeyes a Ted Ginn TD return (where apparently his injury occurred on the celebration) and simply dominated the rest of the night.

Names like Jarvis Moss, Percy Harvin, and Everitt (the guy who made the sack without his helmet) became household names and Urban Meyer is all of sudden Knute Rockne and Bill Bellicheck wrapped up into one football genius.

Give the Gators credit, they are now the current title holder in Basketball and Football.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A New Year

2007 is Upon Us. Not much really happened in 2006 unless you count getting engaged and Texas erasing a 30+ year title drought as pretty normal events. As I said at my future in-laws family gathering, getting engaged was pretty big but going to the Rose Bowl and seeing Vince Young run into our endzone to beat USC for the national championship was just a little more memorable. I'm obviously kidding as getting engaged to Sarah was the greatest moment of my life to this point. But the Rose Bowl was pretty cool, too. However you slice it, 2006 was a good year, but I have a feeling 2007 may be even better.

2007 got off to a rousing start with some solid bowl action on New Year's Day.

Starting with the best game since last year's Rose Bowl.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

Well, if you are as nuts about college football as I am, then you got a nice warmup for the national championship game in the Fiesta Bowl. I know plenty of people probably didn't stay awake until the end, but the Boise St. / Oklahoma game had one of the craziest and most exciting sequences of plays I've ever seen to finish game.

Below is a recap of what transpired as Boise St. beat Oklahoma 44-41 in Overtime but unless you watched it, you really can't understand how wild this game really was...


Rose Bowl

What was supposed to be a clash of two teams that very well could have been in the National Champsionship, the Rose Bowl was really a dud of a game because Michigan's offense forgot to show up.

Henne, Hart, Manningham on the Michigan offense had a really tough afternoon against the swarming Trojan defense. Cuyler can't stand Musberger but I thought he sounded okay with the Davie/Herbstreit tandem.

USC established themselves early on the defensive end and frustrated Chad Henne consistently during the 1st Half. USC jumped out to a big lead behind the passing game to Dwayne Jarrett and Steve Smith. John David Booty is a nice QB but anyone could look good in the USC system.

Michigan had a glimmer of hope when they cut the lead to 19-11 early in the 4th quarter. But USC went deep to Jarrett again and the game was out of hand. Pete Carroll has a pretty unbelieveable record at USC over the last 5 years. I'm too lazy to look it up, but it's damn impressive.

No chance that USC was going to lose 3 straight games at the Rose Bowl after the UCLA loss and the Texas Rose bowl last season. Look out for them next year obviously.

Not so sure about Lloyd Carr's future at Michigan after this loss. A good season but leaving the faithful in Ann Arbor wanting much more after such a great start to the year

In one of the worst tragedies I can recall in the Sports world, Former Oklahoma St. defensive back and Fort Worth Native Darrent Williams was gunned down leaving a nightclub in Denver after the Broncos loss on Sunday night. So sad...

Rob Breunig (you know your big time when your dad has a wikipedia profile -- provided this link

Centaur Sketch on SNL

Pretty damn funny and who doesn't like Centaurs.

Saddam Hussein's Execution just gets more and more weirder as the execution drew worldwide international criticism today.

I'm not even going to comment because I'm not even sure I have the words to begin to discuss how messed up the situation in Iraq is right now. I'll just it at that for now.

Have a good new Year Everyone!