Big D

Big D

Monday, February 19, 2007

Down Time; More Random Videos

The sports calendar during the super bowl and opening day in baseball is where I need to take a break. I used to not take breaks following sports pre-Sarah, but when a woman enters your life, your priorities tend to change. I wish I could watch every college basketball game and every golf tournament. Thank god for Tivo because without tivo to catch up on the miss sports I would probably be single.

While the Daytona 500 (who cares I don't care if it was the greatest finish in the history of auto racing I can't act interested) and NBA All Star game (snoozer) happened this weekend, I really didn't miss much. Although Chuckie Howell beating Mickelson in a 3 hole playoff at the Nissan Open definitely was the one thing I really didn't want to miss. Oh well, the NCAAs are fast approaching so it's not like the sports doldrums will last long.

Here's a few links for you to enjoy:

Texas squeaks by Baylor in Waco on Saturday night 68-67 and very easily could have lost . Oh yea Durant had 34. He's reallllllllll good.

Big games at Tech (tuesday) and at OU (Saturday) will go a long way to determining where Texas will be come tournament time.

Mark and Cuyler should appreciate this:

Terje's First Descent

Vince Young winning the Rose Bowl and the reaction as fans watched at Alamo Draft House:

Pretty amazing stuff even now. Almost as cool as being inside the stadium and the only two people in orange in a sea or USC colors in the middle of the USC alum section as Vince Young scored into our end zone. I very easily would have been beaten into a pulp by numerous people if I hadn't been with Sarah as I tackled her on this score...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lou Holtz Circa 1986

While I may be a graduate of Texas, I grew up a Notre Dame fan thanks to my Dad. Despite some down years growing up, Notre Dame returned to their former glory when they hired a coaching veteran by the name of Lou Holtz who previously had success and Minnesota and Arkansas.

The year was 1986 and Lou Holtz is fired up. This speech was just before Lou was about to make his debut as Notre Dame's coach against Michigan. The next day, his Fighting Irish rolled up 455 rushing yards and 27 first downs against the No. 3 Wolverines, but lost, 24-23.


Monday, February 05, 2007


Cuyler and Dave certainly remember Aaron Baddeley from his ridiculous MacGregor commericials. I know I was giddy at the result of this week's FBR Open in Zach's hometown of Scottsdale.

Aaron Baddeley capitalized on a collapse by leader Jeff Quinney. But give Badds credit, he birdied 15 through 17 and shot back to back 64s to earn his 1.08 Million dollar winning paycheck.

Check out the Badds cheer squad from yesterday including his new wife

Look out Tiger, here comes Badds!