Big D

Big D

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Big D gets Super Bowl

Thanks to the new Stadium in Arlington, DFW was awarded the 2011 Super Bowl today.

What a great thing for the area, but no way will Arlington be able to pull this off by themselves. Let's hope this area steps up to the plate and puts on a good show. The city might never recover if we screw this one up. Okay, I'm already getting fired up.

Don't look now but the Rangers have actually played a few good games. This team may not be completely dead yet..

From the Newberg Report:

Fourteen runs in each of the last two games, the fourth time in franchise history that the offense has managed that level of output in back-to-back games. It was the first time in five years.

Speaking of Tom Hicks owned teams, Liverpool plays tomorrow in the UEFA Champions League Final against AC Milan.

UEFA Champions League Final.

Tom is hosting a watching party tomorrow after at Victory Park.