Big D

Big D

Thursday, September 13, 2007

9/15 Picks

My last picks before my wedding next week and honeymoon in Italy/France.

Somebody keep the seat warm while I'm out of the country:

@UNC -3 over UVA -- Medium. I tend to have a good gauge when mediocre teams like these get together early in ACC play. Basically 2 programs going in opposite directions and I'll take the ome team.

Cincy -7 over Miami (OH) -- I love that judo champion Safety on Cincy and I like any team Brian Kelly coaches. This is supposedly some kind of rivalry but I see a better coach and better talent and see a road team covering. Small Play

@Michigan St.-11 over Pitt -- On theme of good coaches, MSU's coach left Cincy and brings a completely different attitude to a team with plenty of talent. Dave Mustache has recruited well at Pitt but this team is already severely banged up for so early in the season. Would be a big play at -8, but a medium play at -11.

@washington +4 over Ohio St. When Tyrone Willingham gets a team rolling, they have a tendency to have good things happen to them. Husky stadium may be one of the most underrated indimidating places to play, and I expect this place to be rocking. With USC and UCLA looming, why not beat OHio St. before those titanic clashes. I see the picture shaking already with Ohio st. deep in their own territory. Small play

@kentucky +6.5 / over 77 -- I said before the total came out that anything 70 or below needed to be pounded. We got 77, but I still don't think that is enough for these two offenses. Neither of these teams have much on D and plenty on O. Over 77 Big Play / Kentucky +6.5 Medium Play SC -9.5 over Nebraska I don't buy into Callahan at Nebraska. Until they win a game like this, I won't believe in the big 12 north or nebraska. USC is rested and hungry to play anybody in lincoln or baghdad. Medium PLay

@UNLV +17 over Hawaii I can't believe the people in Vegas threw out this number. UNLV just takes a very good Wisconsin almost to the gun and then we are supposed to believe Colt Brennan and his Hawaii offensive juggernaut are going to walk in and score 70. I don't buy and the +17 is an embarrassment to the UNLV program that is starting to show signs of life. Medium PLay

Few more to take a look at tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Let's talk College Football

Okay, I love the rest of the sports season. I really do. There is always something going on that at least keeps me somewhat interested. I am a huge golf fan, love professional baseball (born in St. Louis), enjoy college basketball for the most part, and even will follow a little hockey here and there. But nothing gets me going like college football season.

Maybe it's because I'm getting married in less than 2 weeks that has me pondering my place in life. Whatever it is, I am starting to realize that sports doesn't need to encompass my life. If I was single, sure, I would probably be on a fast track to a Bill Simmons like obsession with sports. But thankfully, I found a woman who has given me perspective in my life. Anyways, enough with the rant. Let's talk college football. And with the major league baseball playoffs starting in early october, it doesn't get much better than this time of year. So much promise for so many teams right now in college football and some teams are facing the realization this may be a very long year.

Onto some analysis for Week 3's games:

@Air Force +8.5 over TCU

I like TCU, I do. Even if my fiance went to SMU and for some reason hates TCU with every bone in her body, I like what Gary Patterson has done with the horned frogs. He and his staff know how to play against the option, but I think Air Force is implementing some new stuff with a new head coach successing the legendary Fisher Deberry. Either way, TCU has to be on an emotional down after a heartbreaking loss in Austin after running out to a halftime lead. While they are still wondering what could have been, Air Force handled an injured Utah bunch. I think Air Force has enough firepower to stick with TCU, and I certainly feel like the number is possible if not an outright win.

Air Force Medium play

More to come later in the week

Monday, September 03, 2007

Greatest Upset in College Football History?

What a way to start the college football season. Mighty Michigan lost to a 1-AA team (I refuse to acknowledge whatever nomenclature the NCAA is using to describe the other divisions in college football now) at home in front of 109 thousand people. In what can easily be described as one of the biggest upsets in college football history (no I-A ranked team has ever lost to a 1-AA foe), Appalachian St. took out #5 Michigan 34-32. You expect wild things to happen in college football but nothing approaching this level of craziness. Whatever you think about Appy St. as two time defending national champions in 1 AA football, it still doesn't excuse the embarrassment the Michigan program is going to feel from this lose for years to come. Lloyd Carr's days in Ann Arbor could be numbered...

Texas doesn't look all that better than Michigan in a 21-13 Home win over lowly Arkansas St.

More to come on the first weekend in college football...

If Darren McFadden isn't the most exciting player in college football, than Desean Jackson is. Check out some of his fine work in Cal's convincing 45-31 win over Tennessee...