Big D

Big D

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Erin Andrews

So I've been bad during this college football season about updating this blog. Hopefully, I will do better going forward and hope to update more.

I have been preparing for the upcoming weekend and end to the season with great interest. It has been probably the wildest regular season since 1990 when Colorado and Georgia Tech ended up splitting the national title. This year has had a ton of surprises which has made for some great drama.

The national championship is very much for grabs and it should be a fantastic end to November and bowl season.

Here is a favorite topic of mine when it comes to college football season. Apparently Erin Andrews is a little scared of the blog community and the people who post You Tube clips over on the internet. In order to investigate this issue further, I had to go and find a You Tube clip to put up of Erin just to see what's out there.
Erin's Ass

Here is a tribute to Erin..

Erin does the Wabash Cannonball

Colt Brennan gets destroyed by a Fresno St. Defender

I don't see Texas setting up a home and away with Hawaii anytime soon. Check out the reports from Fresno fans about their experience at game on against Hawaii.