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Big D

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tiger and Q-School

I have been watching PGA Tour Q-School and the pressure involved with playing that last round trying to earn your tour card has to be one of the most pressure situations in sports. The top 25 and ties after 6 rounds make it every year onto tour the remaining top finishers are relegated to the Nationwide Tour a sort of purgatory before you will ever get a chance at the Big Show again.

It's pure drama and looking around for YouTube about Q-school items, I found nothing but I did find this. Enjoy..


Some Random Sports Quick Hits

Tigers and Marlins complete a monster deal in Major League Baseball. Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera go to the Tigers for 6 minor leaguers, including super prospect Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller among others. The Tigers lineup is just going to be fierce with a potential lineup.

CF Granderson
2B Polanco
DH Sheffield
LF Cabrera
RF Ordonez
SS Renteria
1B C. Guillen
3B Inge
C Rodriguez

With a rotation of Verlander, K. Rogers, J. Bonderman, D. Willis and Nate Robertson. That's pretty salty even against the Red Sox and Yankees.

Arkansas appears to have a new football coach and it is current Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe.

Good hire by the Razorbacks if True.

The 4 Heisman finalists are Chase Daniel, Colt Brennan, Tim Teabow and Darren McFadden

I would be shocked if Teabow doesn't take home the award..

The Sports Guy is tired of Knicks fans. Like much of the NBA, yawn...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Stephen A. Smith Does Not Like Bloggers

In the hard to believe it's true department, ESPN "personality" Stephen A. Smith isn't exactly fond of bloggers on the internet.

This is amusing.

Monday, December 03, 2007


What else can you say about this 2007 college football season besides wild. I have only witnessed one other season in my lifetime even close to the one we have experienced this year. That year was 1990 with a split National Title with a one loss Colorado team that benefitted from a 5th down play against Mizzou and Georgia Tech.

Final 1990 AP POll

1 Colorado (39)

2 Georgia Tech (20)

3 Miami (FL) (1)

4 Florida State

5 Washington

6 Notre Dame

7 Michigan

8 Tennessee

9 Clemson

10 Houston

Ironically, UT finished that season #14 with a minutely close loss to Colorado early in the season and the raping that took place in Dallas losing 46-3 as the third ranked team in the country to the Hurricanes.

The time for a playoff is now becuase this 2007 season while fantastic needs a little more time to determine a champion. And it's shame that the powers that be will not acknowledge that fact. Oh well, 2008 should be even better, but the current system is broke and that is shame.

Other college football stuff currently.

Remember Dave Wannstedt? Well, you almost managed to drive the Pitt program in the ground. With an obscenely young squad, he has managed to right the ship during the season and the stunning win at West Virginia has at least bought him some job security for one more season.

Dave deserves some credit and here is an article discussing as much.

Bo Pelini will be the next head of coach of your Nebraska Cornhuskers and as a diehard UT fan, I couldn't be happier with that hire.

While the rumors are everywhere that Paul Johnson is headed elsewhere (Georgia Tech and maybe SMU or Duke - uhh, no way), he just keeps winnings games like this past Saturday against Army...

I will hopefully be updating this blog all during bowl season in what will be a finale to a chatoic year and probably fitting that I get married during this turbulent 2007 season. As we turn the page on another college football year, I have great hope for the 2008 season and beyond and realize that no sport will ever quite capture the imagination of this sports culture other than college football for its impact on all of our lives.