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Big D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Erin Andrews Photos???, Check... and Interview

You know updating a blog on a regular basis is harder than it looks. And since the majority of traffic that comes to this site mostly comes from Erin Andrews searches, I feel obligated to give the public what they demand.

Thanks to Mr., we now have a site that has a complete Erin Andrews photo collection. Good work by those guys. I'm not sure the site is fully working yet, but this might be worth the wait.

Some guy from The Fayetteville (That's North Carolina and not Arkansas) Observer gets an interview to Erin Andrews...
Um am i next??

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ray Maualuga meet Erin Andrews

Obviously, Rey Maualuga just entered the pantheon of greatness at the Rose Bowl against Penn State. It takes a certain swagger to approach Erin Andrews in any situation, even after your team has just obliterated the Big Ten champion in the Rose Bowl.

The man does not have any easy first (it R-E-Y) or last name to spell, but he will soon become a regular in the NFL

Kudos Rey.

Rey decapitates a UCLA Quarterback...

Rey's Greatest Hits