Big D

Big D

Monday, May 18, 2009

I love these Red Uniforms and First Place

This Rangers team sure is fun to watch. Despite having a predicted win total by most pundits in the low 70s, this team has come roaring out of the gates. As a long suffering Rangers fan, I am cautiously optimistic and going to enjoy every minute I can get of this season. Since the last playoff appearance in 1999, this team has spent very little time in contention. This year is different and that feels nice.

Kinsler, Young, Davis, Andrus, Frankie, Millwood. This Whole pitching staff. Salty. The list goes on and on of contributors. The Tigers are up next which has been a team that has beaten our drum the last few seasons. Payback's a bitch...

Greg Paulus of Duke basketball Fame is going to try his luck at football transferring to Syracuse. Something tells me this won't end well. If for no other reason than Syracuse football has actually sunk this low. Oh and the new Syracuse head football coach hasn't seen Paulus throw yet.

I heard the internet rumor last week that Texas was going to try their luck in the ACC... While cool in concept, let's stay in the Big XII. Come on, this isn't Russia.

The Mavs are out of the playoffs and I could really care less. Besides the childish acts of Mark Cuban and the moronic officiating (Yes, I'm a middle school referee so therefore I can judge NBA officials), I really think the NBA is just not that interesting. I appreciate the Lebrons and Kobes of the world for their athleticism, but the overall product leaves a lot to be desired. It should be an interesting Finals at least. Really, these officials are very old.

With that being said, I thought the NCAA tournament was a huge dud this year. Texas should be loaded next year with Avery Bradley and company showing up on campus. Barnes may not have to do much Xs and Os with this bunch.

Justin Leonard and Zach Johnson dueled down in San Antonio last weekend and nobody cared. Oh Johnson won for the Lake Highlands grads that were still following Leonard. Seriously, for as clutch as Leonard has been on two winning Ryder Cup teams he has come bitterly close in two british open and a couple PGA since winning his only major.

Byron Nelson has little hope this week with 13 out of top 50 players showing up to play TPC at Las Colinas. For those that don't follow golf beyond Tiger Woods, that's not good.

It's going to be a long summer, so let's get it on.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

John Tyler and Plano East 1994

Hard to Believe this happened almost 15 years ago...