Big D

Big D

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Top College Football hits

There is nothing like a bone-jarring hit in a football game. Some are more memorable than others but you can only truly realize what a physical game football is until you witness one of these hits in person.

I am going to try and recap my top 5 College Football hits of the last 20+ years of college football dating back to at least 1990.

The list Looks as Follows:

1) Michael Barrow (Miami (FL) vs. Fla St.)

2) Quentin Coryatt (Texas A&M vs. TCU)

3) Bryant Westbrook on Leland McElroy (Texas vs. Texas A&M) and Randy Kinder (Texas vs. Notre Dame) -- Too Hard to Decide

4) Tony Brackens on sorry Texas Tech kicker -- Special Hat Tip to the holder Field Scovell

5) Fresno State Marcus Riley Defender Blows up Hawaii's Colt Brennan

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Erin Andrews and Bill Simmons.. You bet

You know Bill Simmons had Erin Andrews on the BS Report last week. I enjoy Simmons podcast normally, but this 45 minutes or so had to be one his finer moments. Among the many things discussed, Erin apparently wants to give Dancing with the Stars a shot and solicits Simmons to help her cause. We should only be so lucky.

Below is an exceprt about her dating life.

Simmons: “Does your schedule make it difficult to date?”
Andrews: “You obviously can’t do the weekend dates. It is difficult, but it is kind of a dream job, so you have to figure out how to have both.”
Simmons: “So you’re like Holly Hunter in Broadcast News? You’re devoted to your work.”
Andrews: “I’m devoted to my work, but I’m devoting to having a life outside of work as well.”
Simmons: “So you have a boyfriend and you love him?”
Andrews: “I love…having a social life or a personal life, yeah.”
Simmons: “Is there somebody you like?” (Note: It’s gotten very fourth grade here.)
Andrews: “Um…I just don’t give up that information, because it’s the only thing I can control.”

More summary of the interview on the link