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Monday, August 24, 2009

Rex Burkhead and Plano Memories

I went to high school in Plano, Texas. For those that are unfamiliar with Texas, the landscape of the town would be about what you would think for an area in this part of the country. Very plain, very flat and really not much of anything other than few lakes nearby and a lot of cement.

Well, Plano back in the Mid 80s was experiencing a boom like many other suburban communities during the post World War II era in America. Plano not unlike Southlake today was a suburb on steroids during that time period. From 1980, it went from a town of 72,331 to 222,000 in 2000. Basically, a 3 fold increase during a 20 year timeframe. The growth has slowed down but as of 2008, Plano had close to 270,000 people. Well, with that population growth came a lot of good football. Plano 7 seven state title is behind only Celina for most in state history along with Brownwood and Southlake Carroll.

As a kid who moved to the Dallas Fort-Worth area in 1990 right at the end of Plano's football reign over the area (back to back state titles in 1986 and 87), I quickly began to appreciate Texas High School Football. For those that have never experienced Texas high school football in person, there is nothing like it. From the prairies in West Texas to the hotbeds of talent in Houston and everywhere else in between, the state takes on a new life during this time of year.

I don't even have kids yet, but I still feel attached to the great game of high school football. To get a feel for how big is in this state, a playoff game a few years back between Euless Trinity and Southlake Carroll drew at least 45k people to Texas Stadium.

The funny thing about High School Football in relation to other sports would be that it has no boundries. Pro players can only run so fast and get so big. College Football is creeping in closer and closer to pro football. But high school football never ceases to amaze.

Nebraska True Freshman Rex Burkhead may be 2nd string for the Huskers, at least as of now.

Top High School Games in the DFW Area this year(for me anyways)

Allen vs. Longview (August 28th)

Why not start the season off with the best non-district games in the state all year. Defending 5A champion Allen will play Longview is No. 1 4A team preseason.

Plano West vs. Southlake Carroll (August 29)

Plano West has Jim Jeffcoat's kid (Jackson) who just happens to be one of the best high school Defensive Linemen in a long time. Southlake Carroll is a perennial juggernaut and this year should be no different.

Cedar Hill vs. Euless Trinity (September 12th)

Allen vs. Euless Trinity (September 18th)

Plano vs. Temple (September 18th)

Lache Seastrunk is the top high school talent in the state hands down and he plays at my old high school stadium.

Skyline vs. Lake Highlands (September 25th)

Skyline is loaded with Division 1 recruits

Plano at Wylie (October 2nd)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Neftali Feliz Pitching Line So Far this Season

Games 5
Innings Pitched 8.2
Hits 2
Earned Runs 1
ERA 1.04
K/9 16
WHIP 0.69

His Only Earned Run was a solo shot to Adam Kennedy. Just Filthy.

Who is Y.E. Yang? and Tiger Did Not Choke

Y.E. Yang pulled off one of the greatest upsets in the history of Major Championship golf yesterday at Hazeltine. Tiger's amazing streak of never losing a 54 hole lead at Major had to end sometime. No one thought it would be to a player like Y.E. Yang.

While Tiger is chasing the ghost of Jack Nicklaus and his 18 major title record, Y.E. Yang didn't even know what golf was growing up in a farming village in his home country of South Korea.

Yang who is 37 started playing golf at the age of 19 when started a job picking up golf balls at a driving range. Not a unique story in of itself (hell i worked at a golf course growing up), but Yang's victory was the first major ever won by an Asian golfer. Beating Tiger Woods who is also of part Asian descent is a historic win in so many ways. While Yang's victory truly was one of the greatest upsets in sports, he wasn't exactly a complete slouch. while 110th ranked player in the world doesn't seem like much, these guys are so good right now that the difference between a top 10 player and a top 100 player (with the exception of Tiger Woods) isn't THAT great.

Truly a memorable Major season with Tom Watson at the British and Y.E. Yang at the PGA. At the end of the day, that is all golf fans really ask for out of this great sport.

Yang's official PGA Tour profile

Yang describes through his interpreter how he pulled off the miracle..