Big D

Big D

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fall in Review - Coming Soon

After noticing that my last update was September 27th, I think it would appropriate to recap what has been two of the most memorable moments in this region's sports history.

The Texas Rangers won their first playoff series in franchise history and then proceeded to knock of the mighty New York Yankees in the ALCS before falling to the San Francisco Giants in the World Series. Meanwhile, the Texas Longhorns football program and Dallas cowboys were experiencing two of their worst seasons ever. Remarkable times right now to be sports fan in this area and I will try add more commentary around what has been a wild past few months.

Also, I intend to make more regular posts on the Rangers. While i have always had a tilt towards Rangers related content, now their appears to be a real appeal to baseball fans for more Rangers updates. So stay tuned for that...